Understanding How You’re Hardwired with Steve Sisler

I don’t help people launch into their trajectory. I show them what it likely is. Then it’s up to them to make the effort to do whatever they’ve got to do to get there. My goal is four things. Self understanding, then self management. Understand who you are, how you’re wired, and embrace it for what it is. In other words, if you’re a head of lettuce find a salad. If you’re a hammer find a toolbox and you’ll better off. But we got a lot of hammers in salads.

I’m able to to give them a blueprint of their behavioral framework, their emotional set, what this looks like and what drives them. And then see where they are. If you’re a Volkswagen why are you in the Daytona 500? That gives them a roadmap. There are some people that will take advantage of this information and put it to good use and make significant change. There are other people that say,  “wow that was really interesting” –  Steve Sisler


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Steve Sisler is a behavioral profiler and lead Behavioral Analyst at both The Behavioral Resource Group and jumpstarters (launching in January 2016). His behavioral consultation involves personality difference, career strategy, leadership strategy, cultural difference, spiritual growth, relationship management, and temperament strategy. 

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