Turning Pain into a Movement with Kevin Honeycutt

Kevin grew up in poverty, the son of an alcoholic outlaw, and turned his life into serving and shaking up the education system. His insights reach far beyond transforming education, but in how we break free from indoctrination and turning pain into a movement.

In this episode:

  • What differentiates people who take pain and turn it into success vs a downward slide?
  • How janitors can be mentors
  • Balancing living in the moment vs living in the future
  • Has our system indoctrination of education limited what we do in our adult lives?
  • Spending our heartbeats to make it matter
  • Does creating a movement come from something that already exists inside us?
  • Where do we start in beginning a massive change?
  • Releasing education’s prison shackles
  • How to handle attacks when leading a movement


Kevin Honeycutt is a technology integrationist and a staff developer from Central Kansas. He spent 13 years teaching K-12 art and now travels the country and the world sharing ideas with educators. His website is a valued treasure house of resources for educators.

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