Traveling Through the Cambodian Genocide and Our Search for Answers with Noah Lederman

Noah Lederman’s 15 month quest around the world eventually led him to reconnect with the stories of his grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, and then a deep dive into the Cambodian genocide.  

  • The stories of grandparents who survived the Holocaust
  • A 15 month trip around the world that changed things
  • Searching for answers in a Holocaust museum
  • How a visit to Portland reconnected Noah to his grandmother
  • Revisiting the difficult stories of our past
  • Why it’s important to keep stories alive and put them on display
  • Searching for our own answers to our own questions in life
  • The children of the Cambodian genocide
  • How 15 months of surfing and traveling world formed and revealed Noah’s creativity
  • Changing the perception of a grandmother through stories
  • An in-depth look into the Cambodian genocide and how it impacted the culture

Noah has a blog, Somewhere or Bust, that captures the essence of his travels and the stunning niches he has uncovered. He has written for a myriad of publications, including but not limited to the Chicago Sun-Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Jerusalem Post, Gadling, the Economist, the Cape Cod Times, Eastern Surf Magazine, Tikkun, Draft Magazine, Snowboard Magazine, SUP, France Today. He is currently working on three projects:  a nonfiction project about my grandparents’ lives in the concentration camps and my journey to understand their past, a novel, and a book about the Cambodian Genocide

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