The Spiritual Path an Ex-Monk with Dandapani

Dandapani realized at the age of 4 that he wanted be a monk. He saw it as the most efficient path to enlightenment. But it wasn’t until completing an electrical engineering degree and finding his teacher that he joined a monastery, where he decided not to renew his vows after 10 years.  

  • How Dandapani knew at the age of 4 he wanted to be a monk 
  • A formative childhood experience that wouldn’t go away
  • Finding a deeper purpose and meaning in your life
  • Why spirituality needs a systematic approach 
  • Discovering the deeper pursuit of your spiritual path 
  • Dealing with the religious beliefs that contradict our own ideals
  • Why you must spend time with yourself in self reflection 
  • How to build a meditation practice one minute a time
  • Why we have a finite amount of energy each day
  • Finding the teachers who were meant to be in your life 
  • Our misperceptions of the people in the “monk business” 
  • A Look at the daily life and routine of a monk 
  • Why Dandapni decided not to renew his vows
  • The reintegration process that occurs after leaving a monastery

Dandapani is Hindu priest, speaker on self development and entrepreneur. 

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