The Small Journeys That to Lead us to Our Destinations with Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey has on the surface what might appear to be Cinderella story from the world of self publishing. His best selling series Wool caught the attention of Ridley Scott and has been turned into a screenplay. But as you might expect, there's alot more to this story. 

  • Why so few writers follow a traditional path
  • The role that our life experiences play in our writing
  • Saying yes to every opportunity to for adventure
  • Gaining it back when you’ve experienced a loss of faith
  • The importance of having a flexible career
  • Learning to question what we’ve been told and taught
  • Why living on a boat taught Hugh the value of patience
  • Inside the creative process of writing fiction
  • Why Hugh doesn’t read things similar to what writes about
  • The importance of being committed to a creative craft 
  • How 1000 true fans can radically transform your life
  • Keeping yourself constantly delighted with little successes
  • Why everybody has a story about their life 

Hugh Howey is the author of the award-winning Molly Fyde Saga and the New York Times and USA Today bestselling WOOL series. 

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