The Neuroscience of Flow and the Rise of Superman with Steven Kotler

What makes people play at the top of their game?  How does our ability to get into a flow state impact our work?  Do Superman and extreme sports athletes have something that makes them tick differential that the rest of us? In this interview with Steven Kotler, we get into an incredible discussion about the neuroscience of flow. Here are some of the highlights from our chat

  • A Look at the early days of journalism, writing, and a creative career
  • Dealing with suicidal depression and lyme disease 
  • The altered states of consciousness that led to healing 
  • Why writing is about exploiting your curiosity 
  • How hitting rock bottom can often open a world of opportunities 
  • Understanding the definition of flow 
  • What happens to a person when they are in a state of flow
  • Lessons learned about flow from the world of extreme sports
  • The role that risk plays in your ability to get into a flow state
  • Learning how to train the process of deep embodiment
  • Finding the midpoint between boredom and anxiety 
  • How flow states significantly cuts the path to mastery 
  • The distinction between overachievers and underachievers
  • Why guilt and vanity are horrible drivers of success 
  • The 3 things that you put together to create flow states
  • Why You Can’t Use the Mind to Get Away from the Mind 
  • Looking at the role your upbringing plays in your talent 
  • What happens you see the impossible done at a really early age
  • The importance of training your ability to commit to your goal
  •  Learning how to cultivate your ability to imagine the impossible
  • Finding new metrics which allow  you to measure  yourself

Resources and People Mentioned

The Rise of Superman

Alex Jamieson on the Making of Super Size Me

Steven Kotler is an American bestselling author, journalist, and entrepreneur. His articles have appeared in over 70 publications, including The New York Times MagazineLA TimesWiredGQDiscoverPopular ScienceOutsideMen’s JournalDetails and National Geographic Adventure. He is best known for his non-fiction books, including the New York Times bestseller AbundanceA Small Furry Prayer, and West of Jesus.




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