The Myth of the Generational Divide

A few months ago one of our listeners wrote in and asked us to address how the older generation could apply the advice in our interview with Charlie Hoehn on how to become recession proof.  In this episode we discuss why the idea of a generational divide might be a myth.

  • Why we vilify the gatekeepers of the world
  • The reason we can’t make broad generalizations
  • Considering the value of higher education at elite institutions
  • What happens when the ideal and the outcome don’t match up
  • How an all or nothing an approach to life fails us 
  • The influence of events and experiences that happen over your lifetime
  • Why there is actually tremendous value to aging
  • An interesting look at how action driven millenials are
  • Maintaining the  the balance between consumption and creation 
  • How age is a less of a factor than it’s ever been our lives
  • The ubiquitous nature of technology tools


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