The Man Who Walked His Dog Across America with Tyler Coulson

Within many of us lies an epic quest. For Tyler Coulson that quest was to walk across America with his dog in tow.  While we believe that our epic quests will lead us to enlightenment, Tyler's journey sheds truth on what to expect when you choose to leave society for a different way of life. Here are the highlights from your chat

  • Why Tyler left his career as a lawyer
  • Searching for the epic quest in your own life
  • Making the transition from one life to another
  • Why we must learn to slow down in day to day life
  • Recapturing the joy of our youth
  • The existential crisis of the middle class 
  • A look at the early start of Tyler's walk 
  • The challenges and hurdles of walking across America
  • Dealing with the uncertainty and unexpected hurdles
  • What happens when you depart from expected society
  • The turning point when a challenge becomes a practice
  • Two viewpoints that differentiate entrepreneurs  and small business owners
  • Why the end of the epic quest turned out to be anticlimactic
  • The struggles that come with reintegration into normal society
  • Telling the story of an epic quest in the form of a book 
  • Why your entire life is an epic quest 

In 2011 Tyler walked across America with his dog, Mabel. He is the author of By Men or By the Earth, the story of his cross-country hike. You can learn more about him at


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