The Making of Super Size Me with Alex Jamieson

Alex Jamieson co-wrote the iconic food documentary Super Size Me.  That eventually led to the publication of The Great American Detox, and multiple best belling books that followed. In this interview we take a look at the relationship between the food we consume and our bodies. Here a few of the highlights. 

  • How the loss of a parent gave Alex clarity
  • Hitting rock bottom and the a downward health spiral
  • The stark relief and clarity found in a health crisis
  • Why the library is a perfect place to go when you feel lost
  • A deep look at the ability to heal ourselves with food
  • Escaping the cubicle life for culinary school
  • Reconnecting with the dreams and desires of our youth
  • Defining what a successful life means to you 
  • Why you can have a legacy even if you're at the same job your whole life
  • Conducting a nonjudgmental inquiry of how you show up in the world 
  • Viewing your life as a series of successful failures 
  • Learning to forgive the grudges we hold against our loved ones
  • A look at how the Whole Foods Vegan Diet Healed Morgan Spurlock
  • The importance not judging all the things you do 
  • Taking a look at the value of a super simple life 
  • Learning how to detoxify your life by changing multiple things
  • Changing 2 or 3 key ingredients that could change your whole life
  • Learning to pay attention to the desires that are ignited within you
  • The correlation between creativity and risk
  • A deep dive into the film making process 
  • Why you never stop creating even at the pinnacle of success
  • Honoring the trust that people put in you 

Alex Jamieson  is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor accredited through the Columbia University Teacher’s College and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her approach to holistic health undid the damage Morgan Spurlock’s 30-Day McDonald’s binge did to his body in the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, and she has spoken on Oprah, CNN, and MSNBC.


Resources Mentioned

Super Size Me 

The Great American Detox

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