The Journey of a Y Combinator Startup Founder with Mattan Griffel

As an NYU undergraduate, Mattan Griffel had aspirations for a career in finance. But getting rejected from over 100 jobs he applied drastically altered the course of his career ultimately leading to the launch of the Ycombinator startup One Month. 

  • Separating your self worth from experiencing rejection 
  • Using self education and online learning to accelerate your career path
  • Why we have to make our own ideas happen 
  • How a series of blog posts turned into an online class with over 2000 registrants 
  • The problem with experts and the internalization of knowledge
  • Cultivating the ability to see opportunity when you hit roadblocks 
  • Designing your life around serendipity 
  • A framework for accelerated learning that you can apply to any new skill
  • A look inside the Ycombinator experience 


Once something is actually useful to you, you’re much more interested in learning it 


General Assembly

One Month 

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