The Japanese Art of Self Reflection with Gregg Krech

Gregg Krech, founder of the To-Do Institute joins us to discuss the Japanese art of self reflection


  • Learning to put yourself in someone else’s shoes

  • How emotions color our perceptions

  • Reflecting without our emotional coloring

  • Interpersonal skills that are an important part of character education

  • Three questions to ask about people in your lives

  • Co-existing with your internal experiences and feelings

  • Incorporating a self-reflective practice into life


Evil is in the inability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes

What we don’t see is many people setting aside a weekly practice of self reflection

If we look at mental health as a skill that can be learned, we can get out of the model that it’s something that’s part of us.

Gregg Krech has served as the Executive Director of the ToDo Institute since 1992. Gregg is one of the leading authorities on Japanese psychology in the United States and the author of several books including the award-winning book, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection (Stone Bridge Press). His work has been featured on public TV and radio, and in books, professional journals, and magazines such as Body & Soul, Utne Reader, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Tricycle, and Counseling Today. He is the Editor of Thirty Thousand Days: A Journal of Purposeful Living and frequently conducts programs for audiences ranging from Zen Center students to mental health professionals.

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