The Importance of Developing Your Own Belief System with Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt's career has included stints as a successful real estate agent, working in marketing/PR and as a successful life coach. She's on a mission to make personal development fun.  He work has been featured in Oprah's O magainze, and she's a published author and speaker. In this episode of The Unmistakable Creative, Susan Hyatt talks about the importance of developing your own belief systems.

  • A mission to make personal development fun
  • Why you can be really good at something you hate
  • Lessons learned from the world of real estate 
  • The key questions that you need to answer 
  • Why finding a mission is an organic process
  • The messy nature of the creative process
  • Escaping the stigma associated with failure 
  • The power of engaging in things your unfamiliar with
  • Cross pollination of ideas from multiple fields
  • Life coaching and the mimicry epidemic at work
  • The danger of copying other people's belief systems
  • Why messages and inspiration around you all day 
  • Some powerful lessons on balancing work and life
  • Learning to create and identify multiple streams of income
  • Building a speaking platform around your personal brand
  • Bridging the gap between work you hate and work you love


People and Resources Mentioned

Martha Beck

Finding Your Own North Star

John Stewart and Dmitri Martin discuss lifecoaching


Susan Hyatt is a master certified life coach, published author, luck accelerator +multi-passionate mentor for your body, business and your life. You can follow her on twitter

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