The Fatal Flaw of Being Human with Janelle Hanchett

When Janelle Hanchett returned to motherhood after being separated from her children, she started to  wonder about the way the parenting experience is portrayed in the media. It brought up a very basic question about the experience. Was she the only who wasn't seeing it the way it was portrayed? That was the start of renegade mothering, a fight against meaningful parenting advice.  Here are the highlights from our chat: 

  • Why having no audience is great for practice your writing
  • Learning to approach your writing as if there is no audience 
  • Growing up with Jesus and LSD side by side 
  • The start of Janelle's journey into motherhood
  • Revealing the truth of what it is like to actually be a parent
  • A harsh look at failure, alcoholism, and drug addiction
  • Reaching a point where you have nothing left to prove
  • Learning to be completely ok with failure 
  • Living life through the lens of an impostor syndrome
  • How music influenced Janelle's writing efforts
  • Reaching a point where you don't have a next move
  • Moving towards the  most painful realities of who we are
  • Dealing what happens when we discover that the worst is true
  • The part of you that dies when you become a parent 

Janelle Hanchett is a mother of questionable disposition to three children aged 11, 7, and 2. She lives in northern California with those kids and a husband who thinks “getting dressed up” means shaving his forearm tattoo. If you want, you can join her in the fight against helpful parenting advice at


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