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Mars Dorian's work has been an integral part of The Unmistakable Creative brand. In this episode of the podcast, he discusses how he discovered his calling at an early age, growing up with creative parents and how he eventually developed such a distinctive style as an artist that it's instantly recognized as his work.


  • A moment in early life when Mars found his calling
  • How drawing pulled Mars out of suicidal depression
  • Channeling introversion into art and creativity 
  • Co-creating a dream world in which you connect with people
  • The influence of living in East Germany on art 
  • How growing up with creative parents influenced Mars' life
  • Borrowing from multiple art forms to develop a signature style
  • The importance of a curious and open mind 
  • Cutting off the possibility working in an corporate environment 
  • Bringing about the moments we fall in love with our work
  • The keys to developing a truly unmistakable style


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Mars Dorian is a digital illustrator and storyteller.  He creates  visual illustrations and designs to help your content spread online, and stand above the noise.  He also is the logo designer and spejcial projects artist for The Unimstakable Creative Podcast. You can follow him on twitter @marsrodian  

Originally aired over 2 years ago.

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