The Evolution of an Underground Body Modification Artist with Jerome Abramovitch

Jerome Abramovitch took the art of body modification to another level, through performing acts such as cutting off one of his fingers and inflating his forehead (which lead him into the Guinness Book of World Records).  In this awe-inspiring chat, he walks us through his evolution as an underground body modification artist.

  • An early interest in tribal/aboriginal cultures
  • Finding what speaks to us and reconnecting with it
  • How we become cultural byproducts of our environment
  • Staying true to yourself as an artist through a career
  • Why self awareness is essential to everything in one’s life
  • Separating the artist persona from the artist as a person
  • Balancing artistic production and professional goals
  • The 33% of magic that happens in any artistic project
  • How a background as a musician influenced Jerome’s photography
  • Jerome’s body modification experiments
  • Getting in the Guinness book of world records for the largest forehead inflation
  • The experience of cutting off his own finger

Jerome Abramovitch is a Montreal-based photographer. 

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