The Daily Rituals of Artists with Mason Currey

In an effort to understand his personal optimal rythm and flow, Mason Currey set out to amass as much information as he could find about the routines “brilliant and successful” creators adopted and followed. The result of his research was a book titled Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

  • How Mason started developing rituals for his own craft of writing
  • Why Mason left a job at a library for a crash course in publishing
  • Balancing a day job with a creative project that is fulfilling 
  • Finding the motivation and fire inside yourself to create 
  • Why the stuff you do for money isn’t always your best creative work
  • Building a bridge between your creativity and making a living 
  • How imitation of other artists destroys your creativity 
  • Finding your optimal rhythm and flow for your work 
  • Why you can’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike 
  • The reason most successful creative people have a very strict routine
  • Why doing the work gives you the ideas 
  • A look at the creative process across multiple art forms 
  • Avoiding distraction and carving out space for creating 
  • How correspondence use to be a useful corollary to creative work
  • Becoming obsessed with your creative problem 

 Mason Currey is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. His first book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, was published by Knopf in April 2013


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