The Craft of Narrative Journalism with Jody Avirgan

Jodi Avrigan has chosen a rather unusual way to get his art out into the world. He’s the creator of Ask Roulette, an unscripted conversation in which participants ask and answer questions of each other in front of a live audience. In this interview we discuss the craft of narrative journalism, and the creation of Ask Roulette.

  • Making films in the early days of high school
  • The parallels between sports teams and creative environments
  • Applying the storytelling tools of film to radio journalism
  • The diversity in background and art that influence radio
  • What some of the best radio journalists have in common
  • How good creative people are wired and do their work
  • Why being too comfortable hurts our creativity
  • A look at trends in the world of podcasting and radio
  • Why you should be continually experimenting with different ideas
  • A look at the social dynamics of Ask Roulette
  • Making New York feel like a smaller place through community


Jody Avrigan is a radio producer at WNYC, Brian Lehrer Show, and a myriad of additional projects. Amidst frequent collaborations with other stations and social media outlets, he also does freelance reporting.

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