The Art of Applied Visual Thinking with Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown is the leader of a global campaign for literacy called the The Doodle Revolution. In this episode, she talks to us all about the journey that led her to leading this revolution, and how we can make sense of the world by doodling.  

  • Overcoming a challenging childhood environment 
  • Learning to love and nurture your creative skills
  • A life and career made of punctuated equilibrium
  • The evolution of following your bliss as a career 
  • Discovering where you thrive and where you don’t
  • Why we need people who don’t take risks 
  • The benefits of collecting a paycheck we ignore
  • Early foundations for the info-doodle revolution 
  • Recognizing the moment when you’re calling appears
  • Increasing the odds of finding your element 
  • Learning to remember the beginner’s mind 
  • Creating info-doodles to make sense of the world 
  • Why your doodles don’t have to be beautiful
  • Insights that get revealed through the doodling process


This episode is sponsored by 99Designs! Go to to get a $99 Power Pack of services for FREE today. Sunni Brown was named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” and one of the “10 Most Creative People on Twitter” by Fast Company. She is founder of a creative consultancy, an international speaker, the co-author of Gamestorming, and the leader of a global campaign for visual literacy called The Doodle Revolution. Her TED Talk on doodling has drawn more than a million views on She lives in Keep Austin Weird, Texas.


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