Telling Your Life as a Love Story with Meg Worden

Meg Worden is a memoir writer and health coach with a scandalous past that led her through the federal prison system for selling ecstasy. In this episode she returns to the show to discuss the process of how we reintegrate after a significant emotional experience. 

  • Telling the hard truth and finding peace within our stories 
  • Finding the seeker that lies within yourself 
  • The common tendency to turn to things that numb or mute pain
  • How trauma allows us to tap into the depth of human understanding
  • Learning integrating the hard truth of your story into a conversation 
  • Cultivating the ability to translate sensory input to create your art
  • Why taking good care of your body is essential to creativity 
  • The deep and irrevocable connection between mind and body
  • A look at the power of deep intention and curiosity 
  • The myth that we reach a place where stop suffering
  • A look at the process and challenges of coming out of prison 
  • The two bubbles that occur after a significant emotional experience
  • Giving yourself space between a powerful emotional experience and life after
  • Why we must turn our life from a grief story to a love story


Meg Worden is a dynamic writer, speaker and coach talking to entrepreneurs and influencers all over the world about overcoming stigma, shame, and shifting people’s perceptions of justice, forgiveness — of self and others, redemption, tenacity, and, generally, why humans shouldn’t be defined by transgressions; rather, they should be defined by the grace with which they overcome adversity.  

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