Taking the Risk of a Career Do Over with Jon Acuff

In this episode of the podcast writer and speaker Jon Acuff talks about writing multiple books and the critical ingredients for a career do over.


  • How creative frustration led to the star of Jon’s first blog
  • Why we have a tendency to write off our defining moments
  • The great lie of apathy that keeps people standing on the sidelines
  • The role that community plays in every creative endeavor
  • Exploration as the path to finding our purpose
  • Dealing with the weight of other people’s voices when we pursue our dreams
  • Why we throw logs into the fire that keeps us from doing work that matters
  • Letting go of our responses and reactions to criticism 
  • How to keep self awareness from turning into self obsession 
  • Asking How you Can Help vs How you Can Sell
  • Lessons learned from Jon’s time working  with Dave Ramsey
  • The 4 critical elements of a career do over 


Hard work and hustle tend to reveal purpose

When you start to see people as your platform, you stand on top of them. 

Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of five books including his most recent, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck. For 17 years he’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets.

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