Taking Action in the Absence of Clarity with Jason Gaignard

Jayson Gaignaird created an online product business to over 6 million dollars a year. Like many entrepreneurs, he built his business at the expense of his health. Eventually, he realized that money and happiness scale differently, and decided to focus on doing work that lit him up.

  • Growing an online product business to 6 million dollars a year
  • Looking at success through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Why money and happiness scale very differently
  • How Jason navigated the challenges of 250,000 dollars in debt
  • The start of the Mastermind Dinner series
  • The large financial commitment that put Jayson’s back against the wall
  • Finding the things that cause you to lose track of time
  • The perfect day exercise to help you identify your ideal life
  • Building your business off of what you want your perfect day to look like
  • Why we must take action in the absence of clarity
  • Setting up your day in order to gather small wins
  • The space between stimulus and response that can determine our freedom
  • Why Jayson doesn’t focus his efforts on building connections with big names
  • The ROI of going to higher priced events with influential people
  • Identifying our greatest fears and worst case scenarios
  • Why Jayson’s core goal is to put 100 amazing people in a room
  • The mind necessary to take on a very big goal
  • The power of surrounding yourself with the high caliber individuals
  • Viewing everything through the lens of incredible experiences

Jayson Gaignaird is the founder talent scout of Mastermind Talks and the host of the #1 Rated Business Podcast, The Early to Rise Podcast. He spends his days sharing value, inspiration, resources, and ideas with fellow entrepreneurs.


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