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I think if you take the hero’s journey or just the story arc of beginning, middle, end, protagonist and antagonist and you position what you have to share in this framework, it naturally will resonate with people. It will become more memorable. It will deeply impact them. Crucially in today’s society, it will become more likely that they can advocate for that story and tell that truth to someone else. As traditional media breaks down, and the one to one approach of the TV industrial complex begins to lose its efficacy, word of mouth and oral tradition has come back in a huge way in society. I think that telling the truth well, through the storytelling arc is crucial if you want to build a business and if you want to help people understand reality as you see it. - Scott Norton


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Scott Norton is co-founder of Sir Kensington’s, the premier producer of all- natural ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard distributed nationwide. With a mission to bring integrity and charm to ordinary and overlooked food, Sir Kensington’s condiments have become an integral offering at leading retailers, restaurants, and hotels.

Originally aired 5 months ago.

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