Reinventing the American Dream with Courtney Martin

In terms of of the new definition of success, at its most basic we have previously defined the American dream as one individual creating wealth. And usually we define that monetarily, for themselves and their family. So this is everything from the white picket fence and all of your needs are met within it to having a job that has a very clear trajectory, straight up the ladder, and you get all the glory and it’s all about your individual hard work and giftedness. I think that what i’m trying to argue for is breaking apart that whole idea that success is an individual pursuit and instead thinking of success as interdependent pursuit that is about the quality of life that you can create by doing work that you find meaningful that allows you to earn enough money by creating community around you, whether that’s where you live or in cowering spaces, but really having this sense that wealth is most accurately expressed through your relationships. The more people that you have deep, genuine and even daily relationships with, the safer you’ll be and probably the healthier and happier you’ll be too.  – Courtney Martin 

Resources and Links Mentioned

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Courtney Martin is an entrepreneur, columnist at On Being and author of The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream  

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