Reflections on The Instigator Experience

In this special Friday episode, we flip the script, and Instigator Experience attendee Diana Alvear interviews Srini about his motivation and thoughts on the event 

  • Srini’s original motivation for creating the Instigator Experience
  • How being in the zone completely changes performance 
  • Why we have to learn to let go of the people who lead us
  • The illusion of dependency that is created by our leaders 
  • Why you have to show fully and own whatever whatever you’re doing
  • How planning The Instigator Experience was like a big wave 
  • The internal changes that have occurred as a byproduct of Greg
  • A look at the how we deal with other people ’s opinions of us
  • The role that gratitude plays in changes of life
  • Why you never stop bridging the gap between you and your goal
  • A moment that made me clearly see a future that I’m driven towards
  • How the closing speech of the event impacted Srini personally


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