Redefining Ambition with Amber Rae

Amber Rae is on a mission to redefine ambition. This mission has resulted in a journey through well known startups, a successful co-working group, The Domino Project, and  The Bold Academy. She’s worked with CEO’s of 100 million dollar businesses, traders in Hong Kong,  photographers, artists and wide range of people design their ideal life.

  • Living for the Question of What You Were Put on the Earth to Do
  • How Amber Landed Many High Profile Startups as a Clients
  • The Process of Inquiry Necessary to Identify Underlying Fears
  • Why You Shouldn’t Judge Yourself Before You Express Yourself
  • Launching a Co-Working Movement That Spread to 25 Cities 
  • The Ebbs and flows of an incredible journey
  • Accelerating the Innovator Instead of the Innovation 
  • The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Experiments
  • Why Thinking too Much Keeps You from Taking Action 
  • Key Learnings from the First Launch of the Bold Academy
  • Give Something and Expecting Nothing in Return 
  • The #1 Question You can Ask Somebody
  • How to launch a MVP and eliminate the unnecessary
  • Working as the Chief Evangelist for the The Domino Project
  • How Your “Why” Continually Evolves
  • The 3 Key Pieces of Amber’s Creative Process
  • Why You Have to Setup a Proper Environment for Creating
  • How Writing by Hand Changes the Experience of Writing 


People and Resources Mentioned

New York Night Owls

The Domino Project 

Steven Pressfield 

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

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