Rae Senarighi: The Transgender Manifesto

What is life like as a transgender non-binary person? Rae Senarighi joins us to discuss the challenges that face transgender people, how families, friends, and strangers can be more accepting and understanding of the transgender experience, and how compassion and empathy define relationships.

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Rae Senarighi is a transgender non-binary artist currently based in Portland, OR. He is best known for vivid colorful abstracts, intricate typography and vivid portraiture. Rae began his studies at the University of Montana in 2000 and finished his BFA at the Art Institute of Seattle in 2009, receiving a Hall of Fame Award in 2011. His art has been internationally published in Cell, Nature and Science magazines and his graphic design and typography have been key features at Elevate Your Brand and Peaceful Media.

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