Quantifying Yourself to Change Yourself with Ari Meisel

In 2006 Ari Meisel was diagnosed with Crohns disease. Through a combination of yoga, nutrition, natural supplements and rigorous exercise he was able to fight back the symptoms of Crohn’s until he was finally able to suspend my medication.  He leveraged self tracking and self exploration to develop an awareness the led breakthroughs in human performance. 

  • Starting as an Entrepreneur at the age of 15
  • Why you must learn how to do every job in your business
  • How Ari used self tracking and self experimentation to cure Crohns
  • What we can teach our kids about entrepreneurship and creativity
  • The difference between starting a company and owning your own job
  • How the Montessori school system has resulted in top business executives
  • Lessons from world of building and construction that apply to business 
  • Why you must always be a sponge of knowledge
  • How being “head down” does not make for a better offering to the world
  • Dealing with an illness that has no cure and the mindset required
  • The role that chronic inflammation plays in everybody’s life 
  • Why you must learn to check in with yourself
  • How taking care of your body transforms the results of your business
  • Why we tend to reward good behavior with something bad
  • The external brain and how we can leverage it to be more productive
  • How conquering email  can lead to significant gains in efficiency
  • Creating The Manual of You to optimize your day to day workflow


Ari Meisel  turned a hobby of productivity into a popular framework and consulting service for optimizing, automating and outsourcing of of life’s tasks. Less Doing, More Living continues to grow in popularity and has become a platform for general efficiency consulting to businesses, entrepreneurs and everyone else who could use a little more time in their life

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