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"The realm of possibility is predicated on the idea that we create our lives. And of course, we’re not victims of anything. We have the power to create stories. And in this realm we’re connected in a different way than we are as in the child or in the downward spiral. We define ourselves as connected to others. We do not define ourselves a individuals trying to survive. We define ourselves as living in an abundant world where nothing is personal. The reason you’ll see that the world is abundant is because when you understand that you’re creating your life, you can open so many different stories and come from so many different points of view that life is always abundant."  - Ros Zander


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As a family therapist and executive coach, Rosamund Zander develops models for leadership and effective action. Her work is detailed in her books, The Art of Possibility  and Pathways to Possibility. 

Originally aired about 1 year ago.

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