Overcoming the Loss of a Child Part-2 With Lisa DeLong

In the conclusion of our two-part interview with Lisa, we go deeper into her life after losing her son and how that has taught her how to live with sorrow and joy equally. In this episode, hear about:

We're really good at trying to be like everyone else and feeling a need to conform, and when we get to that point in our life where we're free and so full of love that we can be our authentic self without being afraid, that is unmistakable. – Lisa DeLong

  • Using a mantra to navigate difficult times of fear

  • Raising a healthy-minded child through terminal sickness

  • Why we should listen to others without reaction

  • Making sense of bad things happening

  • Navigating pain and uncertainty over an extended period of time

  • Embrace joy

  • THere's' more to life experience than what we see in front of us

  • LIsa had a mantra that helped her navigate her most difficult times of fea

  • The purpose of your personality and how we can use it to learn from each other

  • Self judgment and scrutiny can be a weight to bear in your lifetime

  • Raising a healthy minded child through terminal sickness

  • Why we should listen without reaction

  • How can we learn from sick children?

  • LIve as fully as they can live in the moment with whatever energy they have

  • HOw do you live with curiosity and urgency when you're not dying?

  • I can have sorrow and joy equally, at the same time.

  • Making sense of bad things happening

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