Navigating The Emotional Journey Of Entrepreneurship With Lucas Carlson

In this episode of the podcast, Lucas Carlson talks all about navigating the emotional journey of entrepreneurship and building a business as a tool for personal growth. 

  • Lessons in creativity learned from the world of computer programming

  • The ins and outs of raising venture capital for a startup 

  • Living on the fringe of bankruptcy 

  • Overcoming fear ad learning to take the leap to do something 

  • Learning to deal with the voices of criticism, self doubt and fear

  • How to keep going when you’re not seeing external results 

  • Balancing the tension of knowing when to persist and when to give up

  • Putting enough of yourself into an idea to give it a chance

  • Learning to put stop losses on your entrepreneurial ideas

  • Separating your identity from the performance of your business

  • Learning to set expectations for yourself that don’t create stress

  • Why external wealth can serve as a metphor for internal wealth

  • The importance being open and honest in relationships 

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Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham 

The Narrow Road by Felix Dennis 

Luscas Calrlson is an entrepneneur who started AppFog, in 2010, raised almost $10M in venture capital, and was acquired in 2013. Before that, he was the first employee and head of engineering for 5 years at MOG (now Beats Music acquired by Apple)..  He’s also the author of Finding Success in Failure: True Confessions from 10 Years of  Startup Mistakes

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