Navigating Life, Love and Fiction in New York City with Jennifer Miller

The Big Apple; brimming with life, love and everlasting romance. It’s no wonder dating in New York can be an uncertain, emotional roller-coaster. Jennifer Miller is a Journalist and Author who recently co-wrote Mr. Nice Guy with her husband, Jason Feifer, who is the editor-in-chief at the Entrepreneur magazine. In this episode, Jennifer joins us to share some valuable insights from her journey as a freelance writer. More than this, she dives into what it’s like to live and love in New York with a peak into their latest fiction novel – MR. NICE GUY

MR. NICE GUY is available to read right now in hard copy, Kindle and audio book –

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter and Instagram at @propjen and you can also follow Jason on Twitter and Instagram at @heyfeifer


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