Making Our Childhood Dreams Come True as Adults with Steph Halligan

In this episode motivational cartoonist and creator of Art to Self, Steph Halligan joins us to talk about how to make our childhood dreams come true as adults.


  • The Power of Doing Things Unrelated to Your Primary Work 
  • Why We Need to Feed Our Creative Interests
  • Learning to Let Imagination Run Your Life 
  • Developing Your Creative Habits and Rituals
  • Learning to Visualize Your Thoughts on Paper
  • Resolving Creative Tension in Your Work
  • Why Showing Up And Sharing Your Work Regularly Matters
  • Cultivating Resilience and The Refusal of Defeat
  • The 1000 True Fan Benchmark 
  • The Continuum of Artist Integrity


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You get to make a really hard to choice or slightly easy choicer to give up. (Click to Tweet)


Big Magic by Elizabeth Glibert

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


Steph Halligan is a motivational cartoonist and  creator of Art To Self, where she delivers daily inspiration to your inbox. 

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