Making a Radical Identity Shift with Ali Shanti

Ali Shanti was living a life that looked successful on the outside, with a million dollar business, and the accolades we all dream of. But making every decision based on money, and accumulating more of it became a prison of her own making.  Through a radical identity shift, she escaped that prison. Here are the highlights: 

  • Building a successful 6 Figure Business 
  • The danger of making every decision on money
  • The myth that a certain amount of money will free you
  • Why Alexis gave up everything in her life
  • Finding the the truth of who you really are 
  • Running 2 businesses with two names
  • The power of showing up with no answers 
  • Becoming a victim of the trappings success
  • Signs that you’re not on the right path 
  • Finding a way to get into real truth about money
  • The 4 levels of which you can use money to be happy
  • How living in your bare minimum completely changes people
  • Finding a powerful motivation for why you make money
  • How to dissociate yourself from your money number
  • A look at incredibly unusual business structure 
  • Why entertainment is crucial to our culture 
  • The power of having quirks in your brand
  • Changing the imprint of your life 
  • Learning to find the gift in your difficult experiences
  • Stepping into alignment with your role in the ecosystem

Ali Shanti is a business priestess, truh telling lawyer, evolutionary strategist, and catalyst. 

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