Living with Ambition and Ease with Tonya Leigh

In this episode of the Unmistakable Creative, former critical care nurse Tonya Leigh joins us to talk about lessons learned from the dying, and learning to living with ambition and ease. 


  •  Making the conscious decision to slow down the pace of your life 
  • Learning to live with both ambition and ease 
  • Lessons learned from deathbed conversations 
  • Stepping outside of your life to focus on what matters
  • Creating a stop doing list to have a more quality life 
  • What it means to go all in on your life  
  •  Designing your life around the things that you truly value
  •  The power of taking inventory of how you spend your time
  • Getting rid of all your self help books 
  • The concept of joie d vivre
  • Learning to embrace negative emotions and beliefs


The Life Changing Magic of Tidy Up

Conversations with God 


If you don’t slow down enough to ask what matters to you, chances are you’re living the blueprint of someone else’s life

If I didn’t think I was broken, what would I read? 

Tonya Leigh is a certified Master Coach, an internationally-trained sommelier, and a joie de vivre instigator for women of every age.  She has a simple credo: French Kiss Life. Cherish The World. And The Rest Will Follow.

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