Living at the Intersection of Wonder, Awe, and Curiosity with Jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy’s dissatisfaction with her work led her to self expression in the form of visual storytelling, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions and to actively participate in each narrative. She combines mixed data with humor, insight, and visuals, making complex concepts accessible and relevant.

  • Coping and dealing with work that is predatory
  • Why it’s important to create what you want to consume
  • The power in creating something every single day
  • Intersecting with nature on a daily basis
  • A blog post that flourished into the origin story for the book
  • The importance of physical and mental exploration
  • How starting something, no matter what, is important
  • Why it’s important to embrace the things that are weird
  • Something amazing that doesn’t require monetary output
  • Trusting your gut feeling around your creativity
  • Why we have to stop asking for permission
  • The cultural narrative the kills imaginative possibility
  • Getting to the bottom of your motivation for your art
  • Developing your own true north

Jessica Hagy is an artist and writer best known for her Webby award-winning blog, Indexed ( A fixture in the creative online space, Jessica has been prolifically illustrating, consulting, and speaking to international media and events since 2006.


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