Living a Life of Intention, Meaning and Purpose with AJ Leon

AJ Leon, founder of the creative agency Misfit Inc, returns to the show to discuss living a life of meaning, intention and purpose.


  • Why you always have a choice in your life
  • Letting go of our need to prove people wrong
  • Evacuating a life plan that had gone horribly wrong
  • Why you should never stop asking for what you want
  • Understanding the difference between courage and defiance
  • The difference between starting a company and starting to live deliberately
  • Wisdom from AJ’s Cuban Grandmother


I’m not necessarily courageous, but I am defiant.  @ajleon via @unmistakableCR

You always have a choice. @ajleon via @unmistakableCR

Sooner or later the person that you want to be will be merge into the person you are. @ajleon via @unmistakableCR

If you’re good at what you do, people will want more of it. @ajleon via @unmistakableCR

What I’m interested is not success, but significance. @ajleon via @unmistakableCR


AJ Leon is the founder of Misft Inc, and the author of The Life and Times of Remarkable Misfit. You can follow him on twitter @aljeon 

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