Little Bets and Black Sheep with Peter Sims

Peter Sims followed a traditional career path in venture capital and Stanford Business School, only to discover that he wasn’t connected to the work he was doing.

“When you’re connected to your true north, you’re connected to a purpose that’s larger than yourself” – Peter Sims

In this episode hear:

  • How the achievement track drives our early decisions in life
  • The harm in 90-hour work weeks
  • Connecting your values with the impact you’re going to make in the world
  • Peter's accidentaly journey that led him to becoming an author
  • Combining lessons from entrepreneurship, venture capital, and design thinking
  • Moving from external motivation to genuine creativity every single day
  • How to define what true north means to you
  • The common threads that exist between people who discover their true north
  • The crucible experiences tied to success
  • The link between self confidence and self awareness
  • Little bets that fuel creativity and entrepreneurship
  • The importance of being an experimental innovator and experiencing setbacks
  • Black sheep and the power of misfits

Peter Sims is an award-winning author and entrepreneur. His latest book is Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, which grew out of a long collaboration with faculty at Stanford’s Institute of Design (the, as well as his previous work in venture capital. He was also the coauthor with Bill George of the best-seller True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership, a member of General Electric’s Innovation Advisory Panel, an Innosight Fellow, and cofounder of Fuse Corps, a social venture that places entrepreneurial leaders on year-long grassroots projects with mayors and governors to tackle some of America’s most pressing problems. 

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