Lessons in Communication from a Fugitive on the Run with Peter Young

Peter Young is an animal right activist who went on a cross country run in which he cut fences to free mink from farms, which resulted in a potential life sentence, and becoming a fugitive on the run for 7 years.

  • The punk rock roots of Peter’s calling 

  • Furthering the mission of communities through action

  • Figuring out the only metric that matters in your work 

  • Lessons in persuasion and communication from protests

  • A look into the inner workings of life as a fugitive on the run

  • Interesting life hacks from living as a fugitive

  • Regaining our sense that we don’t know things that can’t be done

  • The transitions in and out of life in prison 

At various times, site editor Peter Young has been a fugitive, activist, author, prisoner, felon, spokesperson, animal liberator, protester, entrepreneur, saboteur, publisher, speaker, and criminal of conscience. You can follow him on twitter @peterdyoung

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