Learning to Listen to Your Body with Samantha Skelly

Samantha Skelly, creator of Hungry for Happiness joins us to discuss the power of learning to listen to your body to develop stronger intuition


  • Turning fear into a catalyst for growth

  • How small disciplines turn into a daily habits

  • Lessons in creativity from Samantha’s time as a dancer

  • Shutting down the world in order to hear our own voice

  • Bringing an element of performance into the work

  • Why listening to our bodies can be the path to intuition and happiness

  • Learning to change our relationship to pain

  • Developing resilience in our lives

  • Two key questions that teach us to listen to our bodies


There’s so much wisdom that comes from within. But we’re so consumed with consuming.

When we’re a state of comparison, we’re in a state of scarcity .

What feels good for you is going to inspire the world.


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Samantha Skelly is on mission is to build a community of 1 million women that have experienced sustainable weight loss due to a strengthened relationship with food and their bodies.

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