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Here’s the mistake that we all make when we look at creativity. We begin with the output.  It might be an incredibly painting. It could be a fantastic piece of technology. IT could be a way in which we run a business or advise clients. We tend to look at that output and say “Oh my gosh what a brilliant idea she had to come up with that. Isn’t she creative? How do we do that?” The thing is that none of us want to do that. Nobody wants to reinvent the iPhone. Nobody wants to reinvent Uber. We certainly appreciate the value that such things have created for us. And we’d like to create something that adds value and has a significant impact. But we don’t want to create the same thing. If any of us are honest with ourselves we’ll acknowledge that is true. The difference is when you start to look at creativity from the front end. What is it that leads certain people have what appears be more creative ideas than the rest of us. 


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Larry Robertson is a border crosser. The roles he has played over the course of his career have been and continue to be diverse – innovation advisor, entrepreneur, researcher, educator, business leader, and award-winning author. 

Originally aired 6 months ago.

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