Jon Levy: The Science of Adventure, Community and Connection

We evolved as communities. We didn’t evolve as networkers. The concept of meeting people was a rare occurrence because we lived in these tribal groups for the majority of our early stage as a species. What made the community work was that there was joint activity. So when you look back at the people you bonded with the fastest it was probably because you had something to overcome together that you had to work together for. So when I try to get people to bond, I try to find a challenge or a task they  can work on together because that creates a faster bonding. There are two characteristics around this. If you do me a favor, I’m going to like you more. The funny thing is if I do you a favor, I’m also going to like you more because anything I put effort and energy into, I began to value disproportionately.  – Jon Levy


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Jon Levy is a scientist of human behavior, creator of The Influencers Dinner, and author of The 2am Principle. 

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