Integrating Health and Fitness into the Bigger Picture of Your Life with Ted Ryce

In this episode, through the lens of a riveting life story that involves the tragic losses of both a mother and sibling Ted Ryce discusses how we integrate health and fitness into the bigger picture of our lives. 


  • Learning to resolve incredibly traumatic loss and grief 
  • Breaking the addiction to our painful thoughts and our suffering
  • Redirecting energy into creation 
  • The power of using physical fitness to turn the volume of our life down
  • What it takes to make a radical identify shift 
  • Why we are wired to get addicted to our suffering
  • Inside the health and fitness of high performance individuals 


Abundance by Peter Diamandis

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek 

Ted Ryce has a passion for helping men build muscle, lose fat, develop more confidence and go after what they want in life. He’s spent the last 15 years of his life experimenting with exercise, nutrition, supplementation to find out what methods help — and which ones are hype. You can follow him on twitter @legendarylifep

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