How Vinnie Tortorich Became America’s Angriest Trainer

Vinnie Tortorich is a trainer to people from all walks of life. His clients include Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry, stay at home moms, working moms, pregnant moms, ultra athletes, Ironman triathletes, injured and post surgical clients and even children with the beginnings of a weight problem. In this interview he talks to me about a career in which honesty has made him a trusted source in the fitness industry. Here are the highlights from our chat

  • Why Vinnie focused on changing people's lives instead of making money
  • Ethical considerations when selling products
  • Whats started Vinnie's anger as a trainer 
  • Turning down a book deal that caused Vinnie to come out ahead
  • How telling the truth has caused Hollywood actors to continually hire Vinnie
  • A look at co-writing Fitness Confidential with a screenwriter 
  • Why you have to win both spiritually and financially for real success 
  • A look at the ties between physical fitness and behavioral change 
  • Creating a fitness lifestyle that clients can follow 
  • How Vinnie overcame a battle with cancer and lost all his clients
  • Why we are capable of doing things to change our lives 
  • The role that seeing examples of success plays in your abilities 
  • Why celebrity connections played no role in Vinnie's online success 
  • How working your tail off one thing leads to everything else 
  • The discipline required for any creative endeavor 
  • Lessons from the success of the Kardashian family


America’s Angriest Trainer, Vinnie Tortorich, exposes the nasty underbelly of the fitness industry while getting you into the best shape of your life. For over 20 years, Vinnie has been Hollywood’s go-to guy for celebrities and athletes looking to get fit fast.



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