How to Steal Like an Artist with Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is one of those adults who hasn’t stopped drawing since he was a kid. His ongoing passion for drawing and writing eventually lead to to becoming a best selling author of books like like Steal Like an Artist, Show your Work and Newspaper Blackouts.  He’s also spoken about creativity in the digital age for organizations and conference such as Pixar, Google, TEDx and The Economist 


Highlights/Key Takeaways

  • How scheduling time to create fuels a body of work 
  • Why Austin found his best work after he left school
  • The dance that all artists deal with when they have an audience
  • Growing the size of your audience while maintaining the integrity of your work
  • Why excessive self awareness stifles our creativity 
  • Learning to actively look for influence and input for your work 
  • Austin’s definition of creativity 


If you want  do really exciting work, you have to go shrug off what you’ve learned and go into unmarked territory. 

Creativity is just taking two things that nobody thought of putting together and putting them together.

You know you’ve hit your style when people start to emulate it


Austin’s TEDX Talk 

Steal like an Artist

Show Your Work 

What it is by Linda Barry

Austin Kleon is the New York Times bestselling author of three illustrated books: Steal Like an Artist  is a manifesto for creativity in the digital age; Show Your Work and Newspaper Blackout  a collection of poetry made by redacting words from newspaper articles with a permanent marker.

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