How to Live Well and Die Well With Greg Hartle – Part 2

In this special 2 part episode, Greg Hartle, a mentor and friend who played played an instrumental role in the development of Unmistakable Creative returns to the show for one of the year’s most riveting and thought provoking conversations about how to live well and die well. This episode is filled with so much wisdom, you’ll likely want to revisit it again and again.


  • How Labels Limit What we can Accomplish in Our Lives
  • Why our Temporary Circumstances Don’t have to Define Us
  • Dealing With The Challenges of Overcoming Our Environment
  • How the “Observer Effect” can Change What We See in Ourselves
  • Why We are Perceived as a Threat When we Rise Above Our Environment
  • How We Put Ourselves In a Position to Shape Our Environment
  •  Why Your Problems Don’t Go Away With Success 
  • The Role That Intelligence and Talent play in success
  • The Differentiating Factor Between People Who Get Past Difficult Experiences And The Ones Who Don’t
  • Learning to Respond Instead of React
  • How Difficult Experiences Create Layers That Enable Us Handle New Situations with Resiliency
  • Creating a Standard of Excellence in Every Area of Your Life
  • What Leads to an Inevitability of Success 
  • Why Iconic Figures May not be Our Best Role Models
  • Understanding the Difference Between Probability of Success and Possibility 
  • Why We Need to Create Environments in Which People Can Tell us the Truth
  • A Look at the Process of How to Rebuild Your Life  During a Significant Transition
  • Why We Need to Come up With Our Own Beliefs About Money
  • Exploring Things in a Way that We don’t ave to Attach Our Identity to Them 
  • Starting From a Place Where You Have Significant Advantages
  • Learning to Let Things Inform You Rather Than Define You 
  • Navigating a World of Ambiguity
  • One Simple Question That Can Transform Every Moment of Your Life 
  • The Difference Between Inviting Participation and Demanding It
  • The Dangers of Extrapolating People’s Advice as a Formula


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The problems don’t go away. They only magnify. What changes is your capacity to handle them. 

If possible isn’t tempered with probable, we unnecessarily suffer. 

You can not go to any place further than that which you are attached to 

Don’t just jump off a cliff and try to build a parachute on the way down 

Greg Hartle is a an entrepreneur and smartist who has survived a misspent youth, a kidney transplant, and visited all 50 states using nothing more than Ten Dollars and a Laptop. You can follow him on twitter @greghartle

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