How to Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson

In this episode of the podcast, writer, coach, and co-founder of the investment firm Rose Park advisors talks about incorporating the principles of disruptive innovation into our lives. 


  • Dealing with and Resolving Parental Expectations
  • Why Some of Our Biggest Strengths Come from Our Biggest Challenges 
  • The Different Types of Intelligence 
  • Identifying the Types of Intelligence You Have 
  • The Path from Secretary to Investment Banker 
  • Why We have to Play to Our Strengths to Reach Our Full Potential 
  • Character Traits That Enable a Drastic Identity Shift 
  • Why All Successful People Deal with Self Doubt and Fear 
  • The Antidote To Low Grade Depression That Gives You an Edge 
  •  Determining How you Measure Success 
  •  The 7 Keys to Personal Disruption 

Whitney Johnson is the leading thinker on driving innovation through personal disruption. Johnson is the co-founder of Rose Park Advisors, along with Clayton Christensen where they led the seed round for Korea’s Coupang, currently valued at $5+ billion. 

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