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In this episode of the podcast, Bluefish founder Steve Sims discusses how he creates unique once in a lifetime memories for his clients that have included supersonic military flight jets in Russia, subversive dives in the Atlantic to view the Titanic and weddings at the Vatican. 


  • Steve’s incredibly short career in banking
  • Bridging the gap between a blue collar upbringing and white collar life
  • Learning to cultivate confidence despite the circumstances of your life
  • The inquisitive nature that allows us to understand the nature of beauty 
  • How great mistakes and actions have turned
  • Lessons in human behavior from working a night club door 
  • Why Steve worked the door at his own parties for many years
  • Overcoming the hangups and fears that we have in our lives 
  • Planting seeds that define and create cultures 
  • The problem with listening to best practices and “good” advice 
  • Why listening to too many other people can cause us to loose our way 
  • The reason that Steve makes himself intentionally difficult to be found 
  • Creating unforgettable and unmistakable customer experience 
  • Using physical mail to stand out above the noise 


If you were successful and it starts going wrong, it only started going wrong because you stopped doing what you used to do.  

My drug of choice is passion.

Business is personal. If you can make a connection with someone that works. 

Steve Sims is the founder of Bluefish, an exclusive luxury concierge service for the elite. His daily life includes helping clients craft experiences the have included: a live underwater tour of the Titanic, a flight to space, red carpet events and supersonic military jet flights in Russia.

Originally aired over 2 years ago.

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