How Kids Can Have a Profound Impact on the World with Matt and Eva Webb

In an effort to teach their own kids how they could change the world, Matt and Eva Webb took a one year road trip to all 50 states on which they interviewed 75 young change makers from all over the United States. 


  • Creating Opportunities for Children to Make a Difference
  • How Expectations Get us Sucked into Keeping Up with the Joneses
  • Making Good On Our Most Ambitious Dreams
  • How the One Year Road Trip transformed Matt and Eva’s Family
  • What Shapes Kids to Want to Be Change makers
  • Why Routines Give us a False Sense of Security 
  • How Exposure to Poverty Changes Your Perspective
  • Why We can Often Find Joy in Our Communities
  • Seeing That Everyone is of Equal Value
  • Developing a Sharper Awareness of Time


In order to make lasting change you have to be embedded in a community.  (Click to Tweet)

Every kid makes an impact in the world just by being here.  (Click to Tweet)

You know you’re really alive when you’re going through  (Click to Tweet)


Every single human has the potential to teach how you to be a better person  (Click to Tweet)

When you don’t learn how to fail you don’t learn how to learn   (Click to Tweet)

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