How Creative People Get it Done with Samantha Bennett

The question of how creative people decide what to do and keep at their endeavors drove Samantha Bennett to form The Organized Artist Company. In this episode, we have a discussion about her journey, and how to make significant progress on our creative projects in just 15 minutes a day.

  • The role theater has played in Samantha’s career
  • Finding the thumbprint of your own creative work
  • How theater training plays a role in job interviews
  • Learning to look at where we go in times of crisis
  • Why you need to move your body and your mind
  • Cultivating your personal intuition to lead your creativity
  • Dealing with the difficulties of childhood depression
  • Navigating the occasional uncertainty of creative work
  • Why the thing that you will succeed at will surprise you
  • The beauty of not knowing how to do something
  • Spending 15 minutes a day on the projects that matter
  • How we can use 15 minute tasks to make significant progress

Samantha Bennett is the creator of dedicated to helping creative people get unstuck from whatever way in which they’re stuck, especially by helping them focus and move forward on their goals. Based in Los Angeles, Samantha offers her revolutionary “Get It Done” and “Get Your Work Out There” Workshops, teleclasses and private consulting to overwhelmed procrastinators, frustrated overachievers and recovering perfectionists everywhere.


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