Getting Over the Fear of Speaking Your Truth with Lisa Fabrega

Growing up under the dictatorship of Noriega, Lisa Fabrega has overcome incredible odds in developing the courage to speak her truth. In this episode, we discuss the role of speaking your truth, and finding compassion in your ability to be a leader.

  • Growing up under the dictatorship of Noriega
  • When we ignore our artistic inclinations
  • Facing death and dealing with a terrible illness
  • The problem with doing work that doesn’t align with your values
  • Dealing with fears of speaking your truth
  • Removing the imprints of our past to mold a stronger future
  • Finding hope through creativity when life challenges you
  • Learning to forgive people after they have oppressed or hurt you
  • Transcending our tendency to build walls and be self protective
  • The importance of devotion, trust, and belief
  • Why massive growth experiences are rarely blissful
  • The role that self care plays in your ability to heal
  • Learning to separate rejection from your identity as a creator

Lisa Fabrega has devoted herself to helping others find their inner Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Theresa, so they can accomplish the big things they were destined to. By facilitating release of fear and transcension of circumstance, Lisa finds big ideas to make big impacts.


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